What type of Jewelry should I wear, if any?
I would say keep it simple. For Pinup maybe just some stud earrings and a pearl necklace. Maybe some fashion earrings to match your outfit. Nothing too distracting...
     Where can I buy thigh high stockings and what kind?
You can buy them locally at the Mall or even Wal-Mart, try to get the kind that comes up high on your thigh for Boudoir. If you going to use a garter Belt avoid using the type of stockings with the rubber, they make it harder to clip them on.
     Would I need to pick the place for the shoot or do you do that?
It all depends. A lot of my on-location Pinup shoot locations are picked by me based on what type of shoot you have in mind or what would work for you. But if there are locations that you would like to use I am game for most parts. As for Boudoir, I normally shoot those at the client’s home (or a friends) to make it more personal. On some occasions I rent hotel rooms that are visually pleasing
     Is the cost of a location shoot included in my package?
If you like to shoot at a hotel or a special location part of, or all of the cost for booking that location would be up to you and is not included in the packages.
     Do I have to do my own Hair and Makeup?
You do for my basic package, any packages above that either have Hair and / or Makeup included by NOLAPUS’s very own licensed H&M Artist Kelsey DeLux. But you can also purchase that service with the basic shoot at an additional charge of $100 for both and it normally adds about 90 minutes to the shoot.
    Is Hair and Makeup included?
It is on some of my packages. See “Packages” page for details.
    Do you provide clothing / props?
I provide limited props, I do not provide any of the clothing. I do have a selection of sexy Pinup / Boudoir Pumps in size 7.5-8.5
    Can I choose my own clothing or do I need to bring what you tell me to?
Yes you can. I will guide you and give you advise to what will look good in your shoot, but at the end it’s up to your personal taste.
    Are prints included?
No, after the shoot you will get access to a private Gallery on my website within a few days. You can then pick and choose your favorite shots for me to post edit and touch up (photoshop). Which you will then be able to download from that very same gallery as high resolution Images with the rights to print and use them any way you’d like.
     How can I get prints?
In your Gallery there is a option to also order additional prints on high quality archive paper thru a professional photo lab at very reasonable prices.
     How many outfits should I have / bring?
It depends on the package that you choose, I would recommend at least two but maybe have some spare accessories, shoes, etc just in case.
     Do you have any sources for shopping for clothes?
I can provide you with some advise as to where to find clothing, save money on thinking outside the box to get the vintage look at affordable prices. A lot of times for out-door Pinup shoots you can get away with wearing "summer dresses" that you can pick up at many places from Target, JC Penny, etc.. also for Rockabilly Pinup a pair of tights Jeans cuffed up and a white tanktop will always look great. Add some sexy Pumps and a Bandana and you got a classic look. As for Boudoir, you can do as simple as a matching pair of sexy Panties and Bra with Heels, all the way to sky is the limit lingerie. If you're not sure about what will work you can always e-mail me a photo of your choices and I'll be glad to give you feedback of what I think would and would not work - andreas@nolapus.com
     How much time to I have to shoot?
Again it depends on the package you choose, it can range from 1 ½ hours to 3 hours. I do not charge for the time to get there, and I normally tend to shoot extra frames. 
     How many prints include the touch-up / editing?
That depends on your package. All print order of 8x10’s and larger are also fully edited.
     Can I keep my photos private without showing up on Social Media or Website?
Absolutely. You can keep your photos as private as you feel comfortable. I respect my clients privacy and will not share any of your images without getting approval first.
     Will I feel obligated / pressured to be in the Gallery, can my thumbnail be blank?
No pressure. I do appreciate if I can use images of my clients to further promote my business using my Website or Social Media  but there no obligation to do so. And your thumbnail link on my Website can be blank if you choose to.
     Can I bring friends to be part of my shoot for the same price?
No, all prices are per person. If you’d like to include a friend in your shoot you can send me a message and I can give you a discounted price depending on the circumstances.
     Who can I bring to the shoot?
Most clients, especially ones that never met me before feel comfortable to bring along a girlfriend, sister, etc. I’d rather not have any boyfriends, spouses, male friends at my shoots, especially when it comes to Boudoir because it can make a shoot awkward and reflect on the final product.
     How far do you travel, are there any additional charges for that?
Normally I try to stay around the surrounding areas of New Orleans. I do travel to the Northshore and Coastal Mississippi, if I have to travel beyond 50 miles there will be an additional $25 travel / fuel charge for every 50 miles beyond that.
     Do you shoot during the Week or only on Weekends?
As of now I only shoot on Weekends.
     How far ahead do I need to book a shoot?
You can book your shoot as far ahead as you need to, the sooner you book the better the chances are that I will be available on the day / date that you have in mind. 
     Do I need to put money down when I book my shoot?
Yes, you will be required a 50% retainer / down payment, which can be paid at any time but NO LATER than two weeks before your shoot. You can book your shoot without a retainer, but are not guaranteed your spot until payment has been made. Retainers can be paid via PayPal, the balance id due at the time of the Shoot and can be paid via Cash, Check, PayPal or Major Credit Cards. 
     If I need to cancel, can I get my retainer reimbursed?
Things happen. The deadline to cancel is one week before your shoot via e-mail, text of voicemail. If I am able to fill the appointment that was reserved for you I will reimburse your retainer 100%. Should I not be able to fill that spot with another client due to the short notice of the cancellation I do reserve the right to only reimburse half of your retainer to compensate.
     Where is NOLAPUS located?
That would be in New Orleans ,Louisiana …   ;)