This page is dedicated to showcase just a little bit of my work in Image Editing and Graphic Work using several different types of Computer Software, mainly Adobe Photoshop. I tried to feature a variety of different projects that I have worked on in the past to show my range of skills and to give you and idea of what I can do for you with your next project.
I normally don't take myself too seriously and it shows in some of my work. It's an ongoing joke with my friends and family. Everyone started to get worried about me taking pictures of them because they expected to find themselves "Photoshopped" in some sort of way. Which is not always true... at least not right away.  =)
Take a few minutes to take a look and the next time you are faced with a problem that seems to be impossible to accomplish give me a buzz. I might be the solution to your problem at a very affordable rate.
Speaking of, you won't find a price list or rates on this page or anywhere else on my website because my rates are strictly based on the project at hand. I charge different rates for coming to a photo shoot than  I would for touching up a 40 year old photograph. My rates depend on the work that I'm about to do and how much labor and time is involved. But I will always give you an accurate quote before doing any work so you won't be surprised with any unexpected fees or charges.

Enjoy and thanks for stopping by!

Andy Koch

" Laurel & Hardy "

To your left you see a picture that I did with some friends as a tribute to Stan Laurel & Oliver Hardy. I chose the original based on the facial expressions that were on the photos of the people involved. In this case an old picture of Laurel and Hardy just made the perfect canvas to start with.
But sometimes, especially if I am the one taking the photographs, I do things the other way around. For example, if you have a favorite picture that you would like to be "Edited" into, then I can take a picture of you or the person destined to be in the picture and based on that photo make it match even more perfectly.

" Photo Restoration / Enhancements "

A lot of people have approached me in the past to see if I can do touch-up work on older pictures or enhance badly worn and damaged pictures. There's a good chance that I can. Your request has to be within reason. If half the picture is torn off and the other half has a blank spot the size of a marble, than there's nothing for me to really work with. 
For example, as you can see by these pictures to your left, I took a 50 year old wedding photo. I scanned it and touched up minor defects such as scratches and age spots. I then went even further and enhanced the black and white photo. I 'spot colored' the couple, based on what colors they wore on their special day 50 years ago. The end result speaks for itself.

For me they key to a great photo is to think outside the box. Just have fun with it. Life is too serious as it is. Loosen up and if you're up to it, let me 'tickle your toes,' get inspired, and take some great pictures together!